Frequently Asked Questions

How do I join?

To register for Battle of the Babes – World Model Search, simply:

  • Register on the event website:
  • Complete a short description / details section, including a web link , such as Facebook, StarNow etc.and cell number (these are not displayed on the website, only for our admin purposes)
  • Upload your best photos

After registration, models will be notified of their participating heat date along with full details of what they need to do from there on in. (After venues and dates are confirmed for your country)

What are the requirement to join the event?

We do not have a strict set of requirements; the event is open to potential new models as well as already established professional models. There is no strict set of requirements, only that the entrants must be 18 years of age or over. There is no maximum age limit, nor any height minimum requirement. It’s fine if you have tattoo and no problem if you are a mother. The organisers would like to make it easy for girls to enter and give it a go, rather than impose too many restrictions and only allow the elite to take part. As well as providing significant opportunities to winning models, the event is a platform to meet other likeminded girls, build confidence and experience a runway model event.

What will happen on the night of the events?

The models will walk the catwalk in 3 different segments of the show, each with its own theme and outfits, which will be chosen and created by the models themselves displaying their sense of fashion, creativity & individuality.

  1. Costume of your choice
  2. Bikini / swim-wear
  3. Cocktail / short classy dress
(Click here for more details)

What happens after I register?

After registration, you will receive a detailed letter containing information about the specific details for your venue and date. This will include exact times and other important details you will need to know.

What will happen when I arrive at the venue?

The allocation / details letter will advise you of the time you need to arrive at the venue. It is important to be on time. There will be a briefing and then rehearsal at the venue; the organisers will explain how the night will run, and where and when you will enter the stage/runway area and what you will need to do and during the show. You will then change into your first outfit, do your make-up and hair and prepare for the show.

Do I need to do my own make-up and hair?

Yes, in most cases, models will do their own make-up and hair. At some finals we may supply make-up artists and hair stylists; we will notify you if they will be provided, otherwise please prepare to do your own make and hair styling.

Is there screening before the events start?

No, we do not have pre-event screening. The first rounds (heats) are the screening process. All registered models will get the chance to compete at a heat.

What happens if I win each round of the event?

Results of who makes it through to the next round will be announced on the night of each event. After the heat, winners will progress to either a semi-final, usually at the same venue or directly to a National Final.In the cases of programs that include semi-finals, if you win the semi-final, you will then progress to the final of your venue, city or country. (The amount of shows varies from country to country). At the final show for each country, one model will be announced the national champion and progress to the World Final in Hong Kong which will include flights and accommodation provided by the event.

How does the judging / voting work?

Results of each round will be a combination of scores from a judging panel at the events and audience-on the night voting. Judge scores will account for 50% of the results with audience voting accounting for 50%.

How does the audience voting work?

Each member of the audience will receive a voting ticket when they arrive at the venue and pay the entrance fee (or provide their pre-sale ticket) to attend the event. The voting ticket allows 1 vote per person. You will need to bring as many friends and family members along as you can to vote for you and support your involvement in the event. This ensures the events are well attended; and the venues, models and organisers all have a successful event with a good sized audience.

Who are the judges?

Judges will vary from each venue / event. They are a combination of modelling industry professionals, established models, media and sponsorpersonnel, the event organisers and venue representatives.

Can I invite my friends to join the event as well?

Yes, you can invite friends to join the event at any time. Please point them to the website to register. If you would like to compete on the same night, please send the organisers a message through the contact us section of the website requesting placement on the same nights, be sure to include the names so we can allocate slots at the same venues where possible. The earlier you do this the better and more likely we can make sure you are placed on the same night.

Do you have a Q+A segment?

No, we don’t have a question and answer segment in the shows, there is a short self-introduction during the first round.

What are the prizes?

The winning model from each country will win a trip to Hong Kong to compete in the World Final. This includes flights, accommodation and professional photo-shoots in HK. The world winner will win a Trip to Paris which also includes flights, accommodation and professional photo-shoots. International modelling work opportunities are also available to the winning models and sometimes other contestants as well. There are other prizes which vary from country to country depending on sponsorship support in each country.

Why should I join the event?

As well as the chance towin some great prizes, international travel and professional photo-shoots;the event is a platform to meet other like-minded girls, build confidence & experience a runway model event. You will get some great new photos and surely have a lot of fun.

Is there a Facebook Page for Battle of the Babes?

Yes, the official FB Page is: please LIKE the page to be kept up to date with event developments and share any updates and content with your FB friends. We use Facebook extensively for contestant communications and promotion of the events, so please do engage in FB interaction through our FB page.

Are there any other terms and conditions I need to know?

Yes, when you register on the website, you will receive an email that contains a link to verify your email address as well as a link to our standard terms and conditions.

I have questions that aren’t answered in this FAQ, can I contact the organisers directly?

Yes, you can send an email to the organisers at any time using the contact us section of the website or through FB.